About Pub Gallery

Pub Gallery is a guide to some of the best pubs across the UK. There’s a full description for each pub, with details of their history, location, architecture, design, characters and ambience. There are also high quality photos of every pub, taken in the last few years.

My passion for for UK pubs and beer combined with my passion for photography made this project inevitable. There are many types of pub and hopefully I’ve captured most of them. Just hover over the dark grey menu bar above to find more than 30 categories of pub!

I’ve been inspired over the years by a series of books which combine top class pub photography with interesting and entertaining descriptions of the pubs. My favourite remains The Village Pub by Roger Protz and Homer Sykes published way back in 1992, It’s long out of print but still available on www.abebooks.co.uk/. Other inspirations include the even older English Country Pubs (1986) by Derry Brabbs, and, slightly more recently, the excellent Local Heroes by Peter Ashley  (2001). My aim is to create an online resource inspired by these wonderful books.

The photos can be downloaded with the choice of a high quality version for printing, or a web quality version to use on a website or blog. Photos of pub interiors are not for download because of difficulties with licences for interior photos. The photos have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Things change quickly in the pub world so I purposely haven’t attempted to describe services or atmosphere in too much detail. There are plenty of websites that that do this and there is link in each entry to Camra’s WhatPub which is probably the most reliable. There is also a link to the pub’s website and Facebook page if they have one. If you find any glaring omissions or errors in my depictions then please do contact me.

Sadly, pubs are closing all the time and I have not deleted any that have closed since I published the details. I have however made a note in the description of those that are now closed where I’m aware of it. If I’ve missed any then please do get in touch.

About me

Dermot Kennedy, owner of Pub Gallery My name is Dermot Kennedy (no, not the Irish pop star) and I live in Haworth in West Yorkshire. I’d like to thank my wife Pam joining me for pints in the many pubs we’ve visited, and for patiently standing around while I wait for the sun to break through the clouds.

I do take photos of other things and you can see them all here https://www.flickr.com/photos/dermotk/albums