Compasses, Littley Green

Littley Green
01245 362308

The Compasses is the closest pub to the rural Ridley’s brewery which closed in 2001, and was the brewery tap (photo 1). It still has its large green-painted Ridleys sign which must date from at least the 1970s and possibly earlier (photo 2). They were once common on Ridleys pubs around Chelmsford and I remember them from cycle trips back in the day. The Compasses is run by a member of the Ridley family

The pub dates from 1880 and it remains unspoilt inside with two traditional bars with benches and tiled floors. It is a Good Beer Guide regular and was Camra East Anglian pub of the year in 2012. One of the beers served is Ridley’s Rite, brewed by the Bishop Nick Brewery which was set up in 2013 by the landlord’s brother. Food includes that traditional Essex favourite, the huffer.

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