Old White Lion, Haworth

6-10 West Lane
West Yorkshire
BD22 8DU
01535 642313

Traditional Village Pub, Hotel

The Old White Lion is the main village hotel, catering for visitors to the home of the Brontes since tourists started arriving in the late nineteenth century (photo 1). As well as accommodation, it focuses on food which is served in both bars. You’re welcome to just have a drink anywhere in the two bars, and the upper bar has a small area near the counter usually occupied by regulars. There is also a function room used mainly by local groups.

One of the most striking things about the pub is the decor of the interior. It dates from a refurbishment, probably in the 1970s or 1980s, and has barely changed since. The walls and ceiling of both bars are covered with artex interspersed with fake beams.  The bar counters and part of the walls have stone cladding and the effect is nicely completed with the wagon wheel ceiling lights (photo 2). There can’t be too many pub interiors from this period still in place and it is surely worth preserving.

The White Lion dates back to the 1750s when it was built to service the new turnpike road across to Colne in Lancashire. It was entirely rebuilt in 1858 by local wine and spirit merchant J & R. R. Thomas, and towards the end of the century it became a tied house of Haworth’s Fallwood Brewery. The lovely cut glass door windows probably date from this period (photo 3).

The pub is haunted by the ghost of intrepid parachutist Lily Cove who died after her parachute failed in a jump at the village gala in 1906. Her body was laid out in Room 7 where her ghost has since been seen several times.

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