Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

145 Fleet Street
020 7353 6170

The Cheshire Cheese is a remarkable survivor, a genuinely very old pub right in the heart of London. Like much of the Fleet Street area, including the Tipperary across the road, it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London in 1667.

The entrance is in Wine Office Court, an alleyway off Fleet Street (photo 2). The oldest part of the pub and by far the most interesting are the two rooms either side of the entrance. The room on the right has wood panelling, a Victorian bar counter, a large old fireplace and paintings on the wall (photos 1 & 3). The room on the left is the Chop Room, again with wood panelling, and quite probably where near neighbour and pub regular Samuel (Dr.) Johnson came for his lunch.

Other literary celebrities known to have visited the pub are David Garrick, the actor and playwright and friend of Samuel Johnson, the poet Alexander Pope, and novelists William Makepeace Thackeray and Arthur Conan Doyle. The pub features in Conan Doyle’s Red Headed League and in Agatha Christie’s Poirot novel The Million Dollar Bond Robbery.

The lantern outside the pub (photos 2 & 4) has been there quite a while and is almost as famous as the pub itself.

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