Prints, posters, calendars, cards & photo books

Ideas for printing your pub photos

All the photos on this website can be downloaded for free. Here are a few suggestions for using the photos to create wall art, calendars, greetings cards and photo books. Give one as a unique birthday or Christmas present to pub loving friends or make one for yourself!

Download the photos

First thing to do is to download all the photos you will need for your item. Scroll down the page of each pub to find the download section. If it gives you an option of Web Ready or Print Ready make sure you choose the Print Ready option. If there is no choice the photos will be print ready. Click the Download Now button, enter your name and email address and you will be taken to the Download Confirmation page. The link for the download will be at the bottom of the page and will also be emailed to you.

Print it yourself at home

If you just want a photo or a greetings card, you could print it yourself at home. But if you don’t already have a good quality photo printer and high quality photo paper and printer ink it will be a lot easier and cheaper to send your downloaded photos to one of the online printing services.

Online Printing Services

There are several of these but I’ll just look at three of those available in the UK.
Bob Books and Bonusprint provide good quality photos and are good value. For top quality White Wall have the best reputation and prices to match.

All of them offer the option of either creating your product online or downloading free software. The software usually offers a few more features but as long as your internet connection is OK the online method should be just as good.

Wall Art: Photo Prints, Posters and Boards

Formats available include framed prints, posters, mounted prints on boards (foamboard, pvc board or aluminium) and canvas mounted on boards.

Here is a guide to prices. Lots more sizes are available, both smaller and larger. The prices are for standard quality and you’ll pay more for higher quality printing paper and effects like gloss or matte.

Bob BooksBonusprintWhite Wall
18 x 13cm print (7 x 5”)
70 x 50 cm poster£9.99£13.99£16.95
70 x 50 cm foamboard£29.99
70 x 50 cm mounted print (pvc)
70 x 50 cm canvas£59.99£44.99£78.95
70 x 50 cm aluminium
45 x 30 cm framed print

45 x 30 cm Giclée fine art print (unframed)


Note that although a 7×5 inch photo print is only 26p at Bonusprint, you’ll pay £3.99 postage. If you only want a few prints, order them online from Boots or Max Spielmann and pick them up at your nearest store. You can take the photo files to the shop for printing but you’ll need to transfer them to a smartphone first.


For a calendar you will need at least 13 photos: one for each month and one for the cover. You can of course have more than one photo for each month. They are generally offered in sizes from A5 right up to A2, and some providers offer square or narrow shapes. They come in a wide range of designs and layout options.

You are able to add text so for a more interesting option you could add a description of the pub to each page. Feel free to use the descriptions of pubs on this website.
A selection of prices:

Bob BooksBonusprintWhite Wall
A4 landscape or portrait£19.99£17.99£19.95
A3 landscape or portrait£21.99£24.99£24.95
A2 landscape or portrait£29.99

Greeting Cards

These are called Photo Cards by Bob Books and Personalised Cards by Bonusprint. White Wall don’t offer them. They are offered as a set of 10 cards so you could order 10 or more of your favourite pub to use as Christmas cards, or order 10 blank cards to use for birthdays. Prices are for folded cards but flat cards are also available for a lower price.
A selection of prices:

Bob BooksBonusprintWhite Wall
14 x 10 cm cards (10)£9.99£9.98
18 x 13 cm cards (10)£13.99£11.98

Photo Books

How about a book of pubs from your favourite town, county or region? Or a book with pics of a particular type of pub: maybe coaching inns or upland pubs or corner locals? Or a book with your favourite pubs from across the UK? You can also add text to name and describe the pub if you want. Feel free to borrow from the descriptions of pubs on this website.

You’ll need to download multiple photos for this of course. Even the smallest books have at least 26 pages, so you ideally will need a photo for each page. At the opposite end of the scale, the largest books allow over 200 pages!

Bob Books and Bonusprint offer paperback and hardback, but White Wall only offer hardback. All offer a large range of sizes and qualities of printing paper and the better quality papers will cost more than the prices shown below. The standard number of pages is 26 or 28 and you will pay more for extra pages.
A selection of prices:

Bob BooksBonusprintWhite Wall
Square 10 x 10 cm paperback
Square 21 x 21 cm paperback£18.99£21.99
Landscape 28 x 21 cm hardback£29.99£27.99£34.95
Landscape 38 x 29 cm hardback

Mugs, t shirts and flip flops

You can print your photos on to all sorts of objects. Bonusprint do mugs from £9.99 but the best range by far is from Max Spielmann who do mugs, t shirts, aprons, phone cases, key rings, fridge magnets and even flip flops.